Values / CSR

We base our compliance model on the essential principles of good governance, proportionality, transparency and sustainability, promoting a professional and ethical behavior of employees and the company.

This culture emanates from the interests of the Trisquel Artesanía SC Management, guaranteeing integrity and respect for employees, clients and suppliers, and society and institutions in general as a whole.

The compliance model of Trisquel Artesanía SC, also has as its objective the Sustainability Policy throughout its value chain and in the entire set of activities and products that in the most effective way are more respectful with the environment and therefore with the society as a whole.

Our policy of elimination of plastics implemented in 2015 has reduced its use by 80% with the aim of reaching 100% in 2024. Aware of the company's commitment to the entire production process of our suppliers, the techniques of textile dyeing, eliminating in its production those chemical substances that generate the greatest environmental impact. Likewise, with products of animal origin, traceability is carried out to guarantee that they do not come from animals slaughtered exclusively for marketing.

The cultural axis has been from the first moment of the opening of Trisquel Artesanía a fundamental value with a maximum involvement in the field of our traditional music. This has led us to collaborate on the publication of various albums such as Canto de Ultreia by Resonet, A lúa prendeu a luz by Puntada sen Fío, The Tambourine Man by Xabier Díaz and Adufeiras by Salitre as well as the third album by Os d´Abaixo Somos to Pedra.

The promotion of new musical works is also part of the corporate culture of Trisquel Artesanía through the organization of record companies.

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