Brand history

More than four decades make up the essence of Trisquel Artesanía. Since January 1, 1998, we opened our doors on Rúa da Acibechería in Santiago de Compostela.

At that time, traditional Galician music being the axis of our lives, our company continues today to value Galician music and crafts, promoting the cultural value and wealth that both project from Galicia.

Our store, located next to the Cathedral of Santiago, continues to maintain that natural condition that the passage of time gives it. Wood and stone, which have been contemplating the arrival of the people who make pilgrimage to Compostela for centuries, as it is the last street shared by the French, Primitive, Northern and English Way. Our place, in its day, like most of the places in the same street, was a small craft workshop of jet.

Therefore, our store is the reflection of our culture and our values.

The craftsmanship in silver, jet, leather, wood and textiles is the union with the people who make it their meaning of life, communication through charming pieces that transmit all the richness of our history and that stand out when someone he allows himself to be accompanied in that fusion of beauty and creativity.

The music that you can find in Trisquel Artesanía is the most enriching legacy of our culture. In Galicia, traditional music is breathed in every corner, in every house, in all those moments that it is necessary to give voice to joys, sadness or simply those moments in which the body only needs to sing.

Our commitment ranges from one-off collaborations in the editions of records, to presentations and signing of record works in the store itself, as well as the organization and production of traditional music concerts.

The people who make up Trisquel Artesanía, we are people committed to culture, with respect to work and with a clear commitment to sustainability, social, environmental and economic, for this reason we do a complete follow-up of the traceability and proximity of our products .

Thank you for your trust.